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Joel Coburn


Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Joel has been playing guitar and singing his whole life.  Virtually, no one in the greater Kalamazoo area performs the songs and employing the distinctive playing style that Joel does.  People of all ages have said that the music brings back many great memories. Either people remember the songs when they were young or their children grew up with the music playing at home.


He was highly influenced by the sounds of the 60's and 70's.  Influences such as James Taylor, Jim Croce, The Beatles and Jimmy Buffett can still be heard in Joel's repertoire.   Since then, influences have expanded to Broadway tunes of the 30's through the 50's.  These tunes bring in a jazzier flavor to the music.  A new influence is the instrumental guitar music of Laurence Juberf, Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson.  


Joel is a retired Pfizer scientist.  He holds a PhD in chemistry from Purdue University.  Joel is now bringing his passion for science to his music.  He has become a full time musician; allowing great flexibility in scheduling appearances.

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